About Us

Sharmitha Chatterjee from Bong Diva

Hi! Friends my name is Sharmistha Chatterjee from the City of Joy Kolkata, India. My journey in Fashion and Lifestyle is nothing short of a fairy tale. In my childhood, I used to enjoy playing with colors and wanted to become an artist. I used to be immersed in my painting for hours.

Along with my studies, I have completed a diploma in Fine Arts (painting) and later I was studied fashion designing from INIFD. I did not know much about the Fashion Industry at that time. It seemed good after the selection, but I was afraid to choose the subject. I had no choice but to conquer my fear, overcome it. I focused all my attention on studies. All of the above fashion designing is a roller coaster drive that I enjoyed the most. I passed in 2007 with a decent grade, after completing an internship and fashion show as a designer.

I started my journey long ago since then work as a hobbyist fashion designer, the learning experience was terrific. Through the years lot of denials, decisions, failure, blunders, challenges I had seen and moved on. The priorities are always focused on my creativity. I have performed well over time. Learning from books is not enough, true education has to work with the team, colleagues, artisans. As a fashion designer, it is my endeavor to provide quality styling to my clients through Designing & Blogging.

The idea of writing articles comes from my fascination and passion. I like to share my perception of fashion & lifestyle. So, I hope you all enjoy and support me while reading my blogs (bongdiva.com). Thank you for being a part of my journey. I am sharing one of my favorite quotes from the world-famous Fashion Legend.

“Even when there are no more secrets, fashion remains a mystery.”