This women’s Day Gift Yourself Natural Vita Rich Under Eye cream from The Moms co.

Bong Diva Sharmistha Chatterjee

Happy women’s day to all. This season gift yourself  Natural Vita Rich Under Eye cream from The Moms co. God created us with love and happiness, and as a woman, I am proud to celebrate womanhood! Just like another girl, I am a carefree, independent soul, and love to amaze. Celebrate Women’s day with beauty … Read more

Draping is the Art of Styling

Bong Diva by Sharmistha Chatterjee

Draping is the art of styling a sheer fabric luxuriously. Fashionable draping is a process where unstitched fabric is setting and pinning in a unique way. Drape style reflects the fashion statement of individuals. Draping style in ethnic wear or western silhouette both looks classy and stunning. People are becoming more conscious of their clothing. … Read more

Diwali 2020 wardrobe from Sona Agrawal

Bongdiva by Sharmistha Chatterjee

This year Diwali sounds digital due to the pandemic. We illuminate to add a positive blink to encourage our lifestyle. This year we are facing little change in the festive mood, but that doesn’t mean we are less excited to celebrate Diwali. The Hindu festival symbolizes the spiritual values of India. The victory of light … Read more

Cape in Fashion

Capes Designed by Bong Diva

Fashion history shows the popularity of the capes style several times. There are different types of capes. “Cloak” comes from the Latin word meaning Full-Length cape or Calf Length. On the other hand, capes are typically shorter, falling to the hips or thighs, some capes are below the knee and floor-length also. World History of … Read more

5 Best Fashion Accessories that are Never Out of Fashion

Fashion Accessories from Bong Diva

Fashion Accessories are as important as the attire of the day. The 5 best accessories that are never out of fashion. We love to glare completely with our matching outfits. Accessories reveal our mood of dressing. Meanwhile, our clothing shows the attitude and accessories to enhance the style. We all want to glimpse uniquely at … Read more

Potli Bags

Ethnic potli bags collection by bongdiva

The concept of a potli bag shows the ethnic culture of ancient days. We can modify techniques of stitching and designs and turn them in new collections. It’s great for fashion designers to focus on bag designing. Potli bags look great in fashion statements with traditional attire. There are different varieties of potli bags such … Read more