The Fashion Look-Book- Basic Steps

The basic step in the fashion look-book is quite engaging for the designers. However, for designing it’s essential to maintain the method. Fashion designers create designs with their imagination or from their inspiration. Their imagination can be ‘Frictional or realistic’ they try to fabricate their thoughts into their portfolio edition. Designers have to follow some … Read more

Fashion Illustration

Practising Fashion illustration is the best way to channel your designing intellect. Every Illustrator is unique either someone new to it or a pro. Art has no limitations! It’s easy to create your design ideas. However, if you are a designer it’s always special to perform your best with every segment. We need to understand … Read more

Fashion Illustration: Mandala Art

This fashion illustration is all about the stunning gown design which is painted with mandala motifs. A mandala is an art pattern that we study in fine arts, fashion designing, textile designing etc. The oldest art form is popular among us, mandala means “circle” in Sanskrit. However, we draw several types of geometrical and abstract … Read more

Fashion Illustration: Doodle Art

Illustrate by Sharmistha Chatterjee: BongDiva

Fashion Illustration: Doodle Art is the easiest kind of expressing motifs and patterns. Meanwhile, Doodle Art is a fun way to draw simple and basic designs. I think we try to draw haphazardly, cute and childish characters or random and abstract patterns. However, I find this quite interesting in the fashion field. Doodle art technique … Read more

Fashion Illustration With Mandala Art: Green Gown

Fashion Illustration With Mandala Art: Green Gown is another work of mine. Practicing illustration in several forms of art is challenging enough for designers. I have a special interest in mandala drawing from my college days. Fashion designing is the field where we can explore a lot of creative things. Therefore, finding new ideas for … Read more

Fashion Illustrations with Mandala Art

fashion illustration created by Sharmistha chatterjee-BongDiva

Fashion illustrations with mandala art are the perfect harmony of style-n-design. The design or a pattern illustrates the satisfaction of an old form of art. In the ancient Sanskrit language of Hinduism and Buddhism mandala means “circle”. We are practicing Mandala Art since back and it gives peace of mind. The old form of art … Read more

11 Hand accessories that are never out of fashion

Hand accessories that are never out of fashion, just flaunt it with confidence. The way you dazzle or you carry your style statement, anything and everything is a signature! Accordingly, hand accessories are quite stylish and budget fashion. You don’t need Gucci or DIOR for everyday styling. A flashy cocktail ring or bracelets enhances your … Read more