Fashion Illustration: Doodle Art

Fashion Illustration: Doodle Art is the easiest kind of expressing motifs and patterns. Meanwhile, Doodle Art is a fun way to draw simple and basic designs. I think we try to draw haphazardly, cute and childish characters or random and abstract patterns. However, I find this quite interesting in the fashion field. Doodle art technique is the easiest way to create something unusual and stylish.

About The Fashion Illustration: Doodle Art

In this illustration, I tried to create simple motifs to highlight the gown. Firstly, I draw this ten head stylized figure(Croquis) and colored the skin and hair. I especially focus on coloring and the shading part of my illustration. Mixing Cobalt Blue and Prussian Blue I start painting the upper part and covering the hemline with black. In this illustration, I have used the dark-to-light technique.

Illustrate by Sharmistha Chatterjee: BongDiva

Inspired From Traditional and Abstract

This illustration just comes to my mind when I saw an indigo Gajji print. I love the concept of a tradition-meets-contemporary look! Therefore, I have taken doodle patterns- abstract rose, uneven dots, and Gajji motifs. Fashion illustration is so satisfying and creative that I try to mix it differently. Here, I have balanced the synchronization of doodles art in a blue-black shaded base. I have demonstrated the shade that shows the folds of the fabric. This gown is peeping realistic and stunning for a perfect cocktail evening!

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Tools and Medium For Fashion Illustration: Doodle Art

For Figure Drawing (Croquis):

0.5 Tech Pencil


0.3mm Black Micro-Tech Pen

Staedtler Watercolor Pencils

For Gown Design:



Titanium White

Burnt Sienna

Cobalt Blue

Prussian Blue

Staedtler watercolor pencil

Chisel watercolor marker (Black, Blue)

Black Microtech Pen

White Gel Pen.

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