Fashion Illustration: Mandala Art

This fashion illustration is all about the stunning gown design which is painted with mandala motifs. A mandala is an art pattern that we study in fine arts, fashion designing, textile designing etc. The oldest art form is popular among us, mandala means “circle” in Sanskrit. However, we draw several types of geometrical and abstract patterns to learn it.

Fashion designing is a thought process where we can mix any art element. There is no limit to expressing your imagination and creativity. Whatever, we demonstrate by draping the cloth on the mannequin or a croquis illustration, everything is unique! Therefore, depict your lookbook with the ideal balance of mandala and fashion design together.

Develop Simple Illustration:

Those who want to learn mandalas can try circles, triangles, or different types of geometric sketches. “Creativity knows no bounds” so aim to develop simple illustrations. Meanwhile, your concentration rises and you find something cosmic. Practicing free-hand drawing makes you more exact in your design. As a fashion designer, I take inspiration from my mandala sketchbook for new motifs.

Briefing Of The Fashion Illustration:

I already had finished the rough layout of the gown and colored the skin and hair part. I have tried to focus on mandala art and tinting so that my illustration looks more real. After that, I coated the base with light pink and started mandala motifs. Here, I have used different sizes of dots, circles, paisley, abstract lines, etc. Finally, I completed the shading using black and purple Staedtler pencils.

Those who enjoy this kind of satisfying video can watch my YouTube channel-BongDiva. If you are a fashion designing student try to recreate this illustration. Follow the step-by-step process or add your imagination. Self-learning is the best way to develop something remarkable. DIY illustrations help beginners to perform well. I hope you all appreciate my work, please support and subscribe. I have mentioned all tools and mediums in detail. So friends! For more fashion illustrations Keep watching my YouTube videos.

Tools & Medium:

For Illustration:

0.5 Tech Pencil


Staedtler Watercolor Pencils

0.3mm Black Micro-Tech Pen

For Mandala Gown Design:



Titanium White


Staedtler watercolor pencil

Black 0.3mm Microtech Pen

White Gel Pen

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