Fashion Illustrations with Mandala Art

Fashion illustrations with mandala art are the perfect harmony of style-n-design. The design or a pattern illustrates the satisfaction of an old form of art. In the ancient Sanskrit language of Hinduism and Buddhism mandala means “circle”. We are practicing Mandala Art since back and it gives peace of mind. The old form of art represents geometric and abstract motifs. Drawing mandala art in different aspects is quite engaging. However, In fashion illustrations, we practice mandalas to express our thoughts.

I have made this kind of drawing several times on my fashion illustration Youtube channel. It is very interesting to do fashion illustrations with mandala art in a new way every time. Therefore, I’ve illustrated a western gown with this technique here.

About The Fashion Illustration:

Intricate artwork which I have created with slight hues. First I have done croquis and skin coloring so that I can start showing gown design. I have highlighted this gown with pink watercolor then started the mandala pattern. I have used different geometric patterns in this gown to make it unique. Finally, I have shaded the gown so that the clothes folds are seen properly. I was not expecting this mandala gown to look elegant, it happened when I painted it properly.

I have shown all details of the Mandala gown design on my YouTube channel. Friends! Those who want to recreate it can follow my video. I hope you all enjoy watching this illustration. Please hit the bell icon to subscribe to my channel for upcoming fashion-related videos. As a designer, I try to share my experience with everyone.

Tools And Medium Used In This Fashion Illustration:

For Illustration:

0.5 Tech Pencil, Eraser, Brush 1& 4, and Staedtler Watercolor pencils, 0.3mm Black Micro-Tech Pen.

For Gown Design:

Water Color: Brustro- Titanium White

Brustro- Crimson Red

Black Microtech Pen

White Gel Pen

Staedtler Watercolor Pencils

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