11 Hand accessories that are never out of fashion

Hand accessories that are never out of fashion, just flaunt it with confidence. The way you dazzle or you carry your style statement, anything and everything is a signature! Accordingly, hand accessories are quite stylish and budget fashion. You don’t need Gucci or DIOR for everyday styling. A flashy cocktail ring or bracelets enhances your look which you can easily get from the roadside.

Mix-n-match Bracelets:

mix-n-match bracelets suggested by bongdiva

There are no hard and follow rules to look beautiful, we can mix-n-match beads, antique, or plastic bracelets. Sometimes we can buy from the street and mix it with our old collection. Try to combine what you have in your wardrobe. If you like the boho vibe, opt for multi-color beads, leather straps, or Metal chains. If you think your old bracelets are boring, trust me!  Mixing with a new one gives you a lot more ideas.



Well back to the 80s and 90s era when bangles were mostly used as a fashion classic. As we know “fashion remains the same, only style changes.” Bangles look classy and never go wrong If you have the right pair! Go for variety in your bangles set, choose a solid and different material. You can choose the size, shape, and thickness of the bangles according to your comfort zone. Make sure your attire and accessories properly balance your diva look!

Swarovski Diamond:

swarovski accessories suggested by bongdiva

Diamonds are girls BFF! Instead of a real diamond, Swarovski looks perfect for your date night. The luxurious and shiny Swarovski look virtually identical and almost real. Try a flawless ring or bracelet if you want to rock! Most of us don’t want to spend bucks on genuine diamonds for casual functions. So, try to add Swarovski accessories to your jewelry box.

Artificial Diamond Ring:

Why invest hugely in fashion accessories when we have lots of alternatives? Thankfully we have American diamonds-AD or cubic zirconia-CZ rings. Stylish and classy rings are easily available online. You’ll still spend a bit but it will be less than a natural diamond. Fake diamonds are a good option for people who don’t want to repeat much. So divas! select a dainty 2-4carat CZ ring that suits your style.

Birthstone Rings:

birthstone rings

Hand accessories that are never out of fashion are stylish Birthstone rings. I newly brought an artificial small Sapphire stacking ring which is beautifully crafted. These kinds of rings are available in silver and gold, rose gold plated. It’s a personal styling and goes with your maximum outfits. Therefore, Emerald, Aquamarine, or Citrine birthstones all look classy only you have to choose. Just know your birthstone and wear it, no one will question your fashion sense.

Titanium Rings:

titanium ring

Titanium stainless steel adjustable band rings are perfect for regular styling. The durable and affordable rings are quite popular among fashionistas. The rings are in silvers or black, both are available with stones and without. Wooden layers with titanium, multi-color layers, gold-platinum combo, various collection are available. Titanium rings are less expensive than pure gold and silver. You can also try thumb rings, the style will look amazing!

Rubber Rings:

rubber ring

The artificial rubber ring or silicon ring is available in several designs. The lightweight accessory is comfortable to carry anywhere. If you love the flamboyant look for boho styling just buy multicolor rubber rings. A casual white oversized shirt and denim shorts with 3-4 rubber rings, don’t look stylish? If you are planning an adventure outing, trek, or bungee jumping in your mind, try the style.

Chain Bracelets:

chain bracelets

A classy piece of chain or link bracelet that never goes out of fashion. Aiming your diva vibes with an elegant chain bracelet which is quite a in demand. Fashion-conscious people are using chain bracelets that are almost set with every outfit. A metallic type, such as gold, rose-gold, silver, or copper any of the chain looks smart. I prefer an elegant sleek design for my office wear look, try yours!

Friendship Bracelets:

friendship band

Remember the throwback style of 90s fashion? But it can be worn to look classy with friendship bands or bracelets. Friendship bands are customizable its easy to modify in new styling. However, we can put extra beads to decorate or engrave names on them. Simply to match your clothing sense with the right kind of accessories. Friendship bracelets are nostalgic, I have one. Recently I wore this with a multi-beaded bracelet, it was looking awesome!




Charms feature a wide range of motifs that look great. Adorned with glittering stones and crystals, luminous glass, and rich enamel, there’s a charm for every moment. Pair your favorite charms with anything simple. Create your fashion that represents who you are! Buy charms bracelets for special moments you can treasure forever. Either, try to add several charms to your chain bracelet for a funky vibe. Charms are affordable and available in silver, gold, artificial metals, plastics, etc. You guys can try the motifs of- animal, abstract, alphabet, good luck charms, symbols, and many more.



A versatile piece that can circle the arm. This kind of bracelet was used in the Roman Empire as their workwear. The style was also popular during the neoclassical era and continues to be in fashion. If you love boho style then you must try decorative armlets. You can team up your off-shoulder dress with a feather strings armlet. You can look killer by adding a few accessories to your regular wardrobe! A variety of stylish designs are available for you, choose your style to look fashionable!

I hope I have covered all hand accessories together for you. If I missed any of your favorite costumes jewelry, let me know in the comment box!

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