Long Red Gown

Fashion illustration is a popular subject among us, and I enjoyed creating this long red gown. Trying new designs every day is quite interesting. Basic to pro illustration every kind of technique we love to perform. Therefore, just find some ideas and practice to understand applicable sketching techniques. DIY projects are helpful for your betterment. However, start with easy sketching, and try complicated drawing later. 

Long Red Gown:

In this illustration, a lady in a long red gown looks stunning and natural. I have tried to create this with all my imagination. Firstly, I have completed the skin and hair color of my croquis with highlights and shade. So it’s easy to focus on the attire coloring. In costume illustration, it is very important to fill adequate tints and shades so it looks more real. To understand the fall and fold of the fabrication we need to focus on color pallets. Applying proper tints and shades is the important key in designing. Here, I have used a black pen to create lines that represent the texture of my red fabric.

Fashion Designing is Challenging:

After spending long years in this field till now it’s a great experience that I am sharing with you all. Learning new techniques in fashion designing is challenging. This is a vast subject that every fashion student has to cover. Choosing swatches to develop your collection is a lengthy process. In this illustration, I highlighted every single detail of the design. So friends, those who want to learn fashion illustration can practice this. Just follow the process step by step. I hope if you like my work please like, comment, and subscribe. I will try to create more videos on fashion drawing. All the tools and medium which I have been used to create this was given in my YouTube description box. Keep enjoying while learning.

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