Fashion Illustration

Fashion illustration is a subject that every fashion student and professional has to learn. Student illustration is the basic beginning, but later it becomes a passion for art. The illustration subject is quite interesting, those who are interested can learn different and new techniques of drawing. Meanwhile, we learn how to draw croquis, proper figure drawing, coloring, rendering, and other aspects. Studying fashion illustration is easy and interesting. We can create beautiful diagrams and various techniques. I am trying to create this illustration with fewer tools. It’s my hobby to play with colors and create new designs on the sheet. 

A lady in a black gown.” The smudge technique comes to my mind when I am trying watercolor without using brushes. Therefore I have used achromatic shades and gold tints in this black sparkling gown. I am using the minimum tools to create this fashion illustration. The first step of drawing an illustration is to start from the head and complete the lower. However, the artistic illustration is a fun drawing that every fashion student must try with new elements. 

Tools and Medium for Fashion Illustration:

For Illustration:

0.5 Tech Pencil, Eraser, Brushes 1 & 4, and Staedtler Watercolor pencil.

For Gown Design:

Acrylic Black, Brustro White color, Acrylic gold color, Black Microtech Pen, White, and Golden Pen.

Firstly, I have completed face and hair coloring with Staedtler watercolor pencil and watercolor. Now I have started the abstract drawing by using black, white, and metallic gold acrylic paint. I am using smudge techniques for this stunning gown.

The important aspect in any type of sketching is color rendering. Practicing sketching is necessary to understand proper shadowing with basic knowledge of light and shade. Observe more detailed garments to lay them properly. It’s not always mandatory to follow books for sketching. Still, interested people can create beautiful drawings without practical knowledge. Enjoy learning step-by-step illustration techniques in this video, I hope you enjoy watching this.

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