Fashion Illustration With Mandala Design

Fashion Illustration with mandala design expresses the mixed media technique which we use to practice perfect stroke. The subject is quite interesting to learn, outlook motives, develop sketching skills, freehand drawing practice. However, the haphazard drawing with the use of a fine brush or micro tech pen the position of the scribble on the page shows niche, the concept of art, etc.

My Fashion Illustration:

I am a fashion designer by profession, which is why I have to make fashion illustrations for designing wardrobes. Mostly, I sketch ten head fashion figures (croquis). Croquis drawings can be used as a template over which you can draw and delineate a design. This technique shows proper rendering elements and a finished look of fashion illustration. In this process of creativity, I am trying to focus my croquis drawing, dress detailing, and proper light and shadow of the diagram.

Materials Used For My Illustration:

In this illustration video, I am using a few art materials. So you guys can try to recreate this type of illustration. 150 gsm A4 sheet, pencil, eraser, Brustro Watercolor, Staedtler Watercolor Pencils, the round brush no: 3, color palette, water pot, 0.3 mm Artline Fineliner Pen, Uni-ball Signo 0.7 mm White pen (for highlights).

YouTube Tutorial Video:

• The lady in the long gown is an interesting drawing that you guys can try and practice just for fun or for designing projects. This illustration tutorial is so easy that anyone can depict, just to follow the step-by-step moves. I have mixed Mandala Designs with Fashion Illustrations in my youtube tutorial video. Here, I am trying to design mandala art as a pattern for this sheer gown.

• In this illustration, I have already painted the ten head figures (croquis) with Staedtler WaterColor Pencils. Using a fine brush to mix the proper shades for skin and hair makes the croquis look more realistic. After that, I highlighted the outline of the figure with a 0.3 mm micro tech pen.

• In this video I started with the gown coloring. Firstly I use slightly black watercolor to highlight the folds of the outfit. Then I have used a black 0.3 mm tech pen for mandala design with every pattern detail. Later, I used a black Staedtler pencil to darken the folds of the outfit.

There are no specific rules to follow in fashion figure drawing. The center of attraction is the outfit that we designers create for our clients. Therefore, it’s easy to create our imagination beyond boundaries. But yes! If anyone loves to explore more and has an artistic sense or tries to learn realistic drawing then try to render fashion croquis appropriately. I must say, it will make your whole creation attractive. Hope my articles and fashion illustrations are helpful for my viewers. I am just trying to share my experience which I have practically achieved over the years. I believe learning has no limits. Please watch my videos and support my work, so that I can create better designs. For more videos visit my Youtube Channel.


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