Fashion Drawing and Illustration

Fashion drawing and illustration is one of my favorite subjects from my college days. The subject is an interesting means of noting, expressing my ideas, projects, inspirations, and daydreams ideas into the process of creativity. Every designer has to learn illustration in a proper way. It’s really fun to innovate new sketching techniques. Illustration learning includes human figures(kids, women, men), stylized poses, shoes, bags, accessories, outfit designs, etc.

A sketch is a rapidly executed freehand drawing where we demonstrate an idea in a sheet of paper, canvas, etc. For beginners, use a pencil to learn freehand drawing easily. The illustration is a communication skill of fashion impressions in the visible form, that derives with painting and drawing is called fashion sketching.

The subject of fashion designing where you learn different segments of designing such as basic bodies, shapes, posture, a different form of a stylized figure, detailing in body parts sketching, professional illustration, etc. It is best to do it yourself (DIY).

The designing history of fashion illustration was practiced around 500 years ago, from when clothes have been in existence. This is essential to depict an image or opinions into fashion designing. It’s a way to design a presentation of your collection. Fashion designers use mediums such as color pencils, pastel, watercolor, and other basic designing tools for detailing of the garments. In fashion illustration, everything is vital from basic body proportion, croquis drawing to silhouette detailing, light and shades, coloring, and rendering.

What are the Types of Fashion Drawings and Illustration?



Drawing is a method of art used in fashion design, where a sketch of a stylized figure is doing with less detail. Drawing of a live model is a French word that implies a quick sketch. The techniques are usually made fast and easily after which the model changes pose for another style. Designers collect swatches and fabric samples to illustrate clothing on a figure in outsized 9-head or 10-head proportions for the design of their garments. Croquis diagrams can be used as a template over which you can draw and trace a design. This technique shows proper rendering elements and a finished look of fashion illustration.

Fashion Drawing Through Computer-Aided Design:

Digital art is another aspect of fashion sketching. Fashion sketching is a practice in Computer-Aided Design. Software like adobe illustration, Corel DRAW, Adobe Photoshop, Rhino 6, TUKAcad, C DESIGN, Brikl, etc is important for creating fashion drawings and illustrations.

Flat Sketches and Tech Sketch:

The flat sketch is a black and white 2-dimension linear drawing of the garments. The flat drawing shows the stitching and hemline details of the outfits. This kind of sketching is created in some software programs such as Corel DRAW, Adobe Illustrator, etc.  Another form is a technical sketch where the flat drawing is doing with all details of the garments written in text.

Working Drawing:

After imaginative ideas and flat sketches, working drawing is an important part of fashion design. Before stitching the pattern of the garment drawing is essential. The drawing is created by the designers or pattern makers with all the information regarding fabric swatches, cuts, styling, detailing of the design, measurements, etc. However, It includes complete information.

Specific Drawing:

Fashion Presentation by Bong Diva

Specific designing means understanding everything closely, to maintain the design of the garment and track record together. After creating a design, when we manufacture the clothes, we keep everything on record as a document. However, we get our design details, types of fabrics utilized and cost, raw materials cost, artisans cost, total production cost easily for a future order. We can put these designs with a record that includes every single detail of the garment. Specific drawings are used in the boutiques and manufacturing Units.

Fashion Doodling Art/Mandala Art:

Mandala Art By Bong Diva

This is a simple form of art composed of random and abstract sketching. Maybe we all have tried this freehand abstract scribble sketching in our childhood. Some cartoonish figures doodle signify a desire for art lovers. The haphazard drawing with the use of ink or micro tech pencil the position of the scribble on the page shows our imagination, outlook motives. Mandala sketching is quite trending these days. Many fashion designers are using the doodling art forms for their mood boards to sketch boards.

Fashion Drawing for Presentation:

The presentation drawing includes the final work of mood board, swatches, and storyboard, sketching sheet, garments range with proper detailing of texture, sketching, rendering, coloring, shadow, highlights, and depth, etc. Fashion designers always keep their design profile for production, fashion shows, exhibition, client management to maintain proper track of their creative work. The presentation drawing or book shows the creativity of the work from ideas to implementation in fashion designing.

So, friends if you are learning the subject keep practicing different forms of Croquis, flat sketch, fashion drawing, illustration, coloring, and rendering DIY. It will increase your creativity with proper knowledge and fun. It is just a suggestion from my experience if you are sketching for a long duration keep your vision protected. Practicing drawing with proper light arrangements will keep your eyes safe for a long time.

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