Sixteen Types Of Paint Brushes That We Use In Fashion Designing & Illustration

There are sixteen types of paint brushes that we use in fashion designing & Illustration. However, in designing there are no mandatory rules that we follow.

Active as a fashion designer and repeating the same process of work makes me a better professional. Experiencing my job increases my unique skill in designing. I feel a flat sketch is enough in my illustration book for raw layout, but I prefer the entire process of rendering. If the whole work is in front of you, then only you will have a perception of designing an attire. The knowledge of both drawing and coloring to make the thing that you are imagining in your mind is essential. Drawing and painting are two different visual art forms. Thus, Illustration is defined lines and shapes, while rendering focuses on coloring.

Let’s talk about paint brushes which are important in coloring. Although brushes have many types, sizes, and numbers. Let us understand how many types of brushes are used in fashion designing & illustration. First of all, there is no particular rule to follow in your creativity. But, in fashion illustration drawing you have to learn the basic knowledge of light and shadow of the image. 

Pointed Round Brush:

The round brush is the most common and traditional brush that we are using for drawing. Round heel, thick with a fine sharp point. The bristles are thick or thin and create fine details when used on its point. Painting brushes are available in different sizes- brush no: 0000 to no- 24, etc.

Filbert Paint Brushes:

A paddle-shaped paintbrush that is rounded at the point. When you are developing illustrations it’s important to choose a proper paintbrush that holds a lot of water and color. Filbert brush is useful for face coloring, miniatures, dealing, etc. 

Filbert Paint Brushes

Crisel Blender Brush:

Crisel blender brush is a small-sized rectangular brush with a soft bristle. Commonly the brush is used for intricate detail work. It is the perfect paintbrush for fine blending, creating texture, controlled strokes, and finishing sharp edges.

Crisel Blender Brush

Flat Shader Paint Brushes:

Wide-set fine arrangement of bristles great for covering large areas. However, The flat side of the brush fills a big portion and trimmed edges for creating thin lines.

Flat Shader Paint Brushes

Angular Shader Painting Brush:

These types of brushes are quite similar to flat brushes. But it has an angled tip which is excellent for creating angular shapes and strokes. Great for painting curves and reaching short corners. These types of brushes are used in fashion drawing & illustrations.

Angular Shader Painting Brush

Script Liner Brush/ Rigger Brush:

This kind of brush needs more control. Mostly, the brush is used for long scroll, straight line, fine detailing work. Rigger brush gives a smooth application and is ideal for apparel detail layout. 

Script Liner Brush/ Rigger Brush

Liner Paint Brush:

Ultra-fine brush ideal for detailed and intricate outlines in fashion drawing. It can enhance illustration with fancy strokes. To create a more realistic drawing of an outfit and accessories this brush is used for rendering. Liner paintbrushes with their long-length hair and fine point edge can hold an adequate amount of fluid.

Liner Paint Brush

Flat Wash/Gaze Brush:

A flat wash brush has fair bristles with no point, It will produce effortless coverage. The brush is used for damping the surface, absorption, or base coating purpose. This flat brush can be used to paint the background of your fashion croquis.

Flat Wash/Gaze Brush

Dagger Striper Paint Brushes:

The ultra-sharp one-side point is excellent for detailed artwork and creating fine brush strokes. It has the ability to produce thick and thin lines in a single stroke. Therefore, a dragged striper brush is ideal for flower drawing, leaves, long grass, foliage due to its angular shape. 

Dagger Striper Paint Brushes

Deer foot Stripper Brush:

A great multipurpose brush round in shape with an angled tip and slanted flat top. These brushes are available in soft and stiff versions. It can be used to draw greenery, trees and forests, abstract art, fur, foliage, etc. If you want to illustrate a feather dress, I must say try a deer foot brush for coloring. The brush is also used for dry brush techniques and stumbling. 

Deer foot Stripper Brush

Fan Blender Brush:

 Mostly, a fan brush is used for color blending but we can use it for layout texturing. The soft brush uses effectively for creating texture things like grass, abstract texture, feathers, etc. You can use a fan blender brush to color your abstract or dyed gown design easily. 

Fan Blender Brush

Oval Mop Paint Brush:

A mob paintbrush is a large and round or flat brush generally used for washes and Varnishing. The brush is wonderful for coloring with a great amount of pigment and water on your drawing sheet. However, it also uses to reduce extra water from your sketchbook. 

Oval Mop Paint Brush

Stencil Paint Brushes:

The brush looks like a normal round brush which is design for stenciling. The flat-top bristles are perfect for dabbing and swirling the brush over the stencil. Use a dry brush with a little color circular or stippling technique. It can be a time-saver in the coloring process. 

Stencil Paint Brushes

Triple Lodder Paint Brush:

The brush can be load by pulling each of the long sides through different colors and dipping the short side in a third color. Experience the multi-color effects in your costume drawing. Therefore, artists can create thin strokes, rigger, wider strokes, flat strokes with a single brush.

Triple Lodder Paint Brush

Refillable Watercolor Brush:

The refillable plastic body brush for color fashion illustration and calligraphy drawing. High-quality nylon hair brush tips that stay intact and don’t spread while coloring. The plastic body controls the flow of the fluid. The brushes are available in different numbers and refills can be bought separately.

Refillable Watercolor Brush

Base Coater Paint Brushes:

The base coater brush is not that useful in fashion designing. But if someone wants to create a whole designing tale with the proper background, it may be used. The thick flat brush is mostly used for high coverage. Base brushes are accessible for all types of paint- water, oil, and acrylic colors. 

Base Coater Paint Brushes

There are various other types of brushes, but mostly these paintbrushes are uses for fashion illustration drawing. Hope I have mentioned all sixteen kinds of paintbrushes that are useful during design. For online Buying click on this link:

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