Fashion Illustration

Practising Fashion illustration is the best way to channel your designing intellect. Every Illustrator is unique either someone new to it or a pro. Art has no limitations! It’s easy to create your design ideas. However, if you are a designer it’s always special to perform your best with every segment. We need to understand the basic balance in fashion design. If you illustrate an impressive design and doesn’t construct your work, then it’s not worth it. Meanwhile,  illustration and development of the apparel is the basic direction of designing.

About This Illustration:

Fashion illustrated by bongdiva: Sharmistha Chatterjee

I have been working in an Indo-Western line-up that’s why I know that everything has to be understood carefully. Therefore, starting from inspiration to sketchbook with the final runway is thrilling. In fashion designing every part is inter-link and we have to follow the strategy. I had created this kurta & layers skirt design in georgette fabric. Here, I recreated this illustration for my youtube viewers.

About This appeal:

A lot of people ask me about the design and illustration part. Therefore, I just try to share my work which I had learned and experienced over the years. In this article, I have focused on my illustration. I have created a fashion illustration channel on YouTube. In this drawing, I had already finished skin and hair coloring, so I started with the ensembles coloring. The beautiful short kurta is looking stunning with intricate handcrafted pearl and thread embroidery. The skirt nothing less! the double layered georgette volume skirt is enhancing the entire look.

Designed by bongdiva

My Videos is for all those who try their hand at designing, or who just love watching satisfying videos. If you guys are reading my articles and feel interesting then definitely watch the video once. Please support, subscribe and comment so that I can improve my work.

♥ some of the embroidery is slightly different from the real illustration due to customisation made by clients.

Tools & Medium For This Fashion Illustration:

For Figure drawing(Coquis):

0.5 Tech Pencil


Staedtler Watercolor Pencils

Black 0.3mm Microtech Pen

For The Dress :

Watercolor: Titanium White, Lemon Yellow, Light Green, Sap Green, Burnt Sienna, Prussian Blue, Black.

Green Gel Pen, White Gel Pen,

Staedtler water-colour pencils

If anyone is interested in customising this outfit for your wardrobe feel free to DM. I accept custom orders of my designs.


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