The Fashion Look-Book- Basic Steps

The basic step in the fashion look-book is quite engaging for the designers. However, for designing it’s essential to maintain the method. Fashion designers create designs with their imagination or from their inspiration. Their imagination can be ‘Frictional or realistic’ they try to fabricate their thoughts into their portfolio edition. Designers have to follow some fundamental steps to create what they want.

Fashion design focuses on attire and custom ornamentation. Look-book is different for fashion students and fashion designers. Students need a proper look-book for their Exam and presentation, whereas designers create it for their production and fashion shows. I am showing my former Kids wear Look-book in A3 sheets in my article. I never expected that one day I use this as an example.

The Fashion Look-Book: Mood Board

The inspiration comes from- Anytime-Anything-Anywhere. The first step is to understand your concept and idea clearly so you depict them properly. Your Mood board sheet will show your inspiration for designing along with a beautiful write-up. If you are a student explain it properly in your words. On the other side, A working designer creates a look-book for maintaining their collection.

Kids Wear Mood Board:

The brightly colored umbrellas, fishes, clouds and dewdrops are my theme. My Inspiration is based on a child’s fun journey through their imaginary world without boundaries. They enjoy many unrealistic dreams in their mind and portray anything impossible. So, I selected this image as my Kids wear mood board.

The Fashion Look-Book: Story Board

A storyboard is another important aspect where we maintain all details. Many designers create their mood board and storyboard attached or on a different sheet. We develop a Storyboard for color shades, swatches, and accessories related to stitching.

Kids Wear Storyboard:

My Storyboard is neat and simple where I have mentioned color shades, fabric swatches, and accessories ( hooks, zips). I have maintained a single sheet for my mood board and storyboard. However, if your designs have more details you can choose a separate sheet.

The Fashion Look-Book: Fabric Development Sheet

The development sheet is the third important step where you can sample your collection details in miniatures. Every designer has a unique form of styling and they first try to create a small sample for further implementation.

Kids Wear Development Sheet:

Inspired by my mood board, I put a lot of fun stuff in my development sheet. My designs are based on spring-summer and pastels are my shades. The embroidery I used on the designs, I have shown in 4/4 inches fabric swatches. So, I have demonstrated embroidery and applique with proper fabric and thread color. My development sheet is the miniature of my final garments.

The Fashion Look-Book: Design Sheet And Flat Sketches

Inspiration to implementation is an interesting process and the final sheet is your designs. You have everything and now is the time to illustrate. The final design along with your flat sketches is important. However, you can illustrate with color pencils, water color or digitally. The software used in the fashion illustration- Corel Draw, Procreate, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, etc.

A flat sketch is a two-dimensional technical drawing showing design details like seams and stitch lines. The blueprints of your final garments, As if they were laid flat to display all design features. Flat sketches are important for students as well as designers for their lineup.

Kids Wear Design Sheet And Flat Sketches:

I have designed ten outfits for the spring-summer collection in my kids wear design sheet. The range is for the Indian market and the age group between 5 to 8 years. The collection includes-Tops, Skirts, Capris and Trousers. I have shown designs with front and back flat sketches of the outfit.

The kids wear look-book is ready for presentation. The fashion look-book can be maintained in the sheet as I have done, or digitally. After that, the final steps are- pattern making, stitching, endorsement, exhibition and selling of your collection.

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