Designer Mask in India

Sharmistha Chatterjee with Designer Mask

[su_animate duration=”20″]The globe is battling from COVID 19: are you ready to choose a Designer mask?[/su_animate] The globe is battling the COVID 19 pandemic, the virus is rampant all over the world. Our life became unfortunate. Nowadays we are roaming through simple and sustainable living. In this emergency situation WHO-recommended precautions and safety guidelines. The … Read more

Top 10 Fashion Institutes in India

fashion courses

[su_label]What is Fashion Designing?[/su_label] Fashion designing is a form of art. Fashion means some kind of thought and expression, and designing means creating something by describing that impression. Design is an expressive and creative field, it takes a lot of dedication and determination to become an expert in fashion. The theme is for those who … Read more

Support Vocal for Local & #makeinindia

Indian Hand craft

Vocal for Local: Life is a little different from the last quarter, social distancing builds us strong and more self-dependent. We learn how to quarantine for months without leaving patience. Everyone is trying to be kind to one another and ensure that essentials are available everywhere. We understand livelihood with dignity for mankind. India’s Prime … Read more



FASHION INDUSTRY FIGHTING AGAINST COVID19 LIVING OR SURVIVING? In the year 2020, we are going through COVID-19. This is the depression phase that we are facing now. None of us knows what might happen even the next minute – yet still, we go forward. But this is the reality that we have to survive together … Read more