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Vocal for Local:

Life is a little different from the last quarter, social distancing builds us strong and more self-dependent. We learn how to quarantine for months without leaving patience. Everyone is trying to be kind to one another and ensure that essentials are available everywhere. We understand livelihood with dignity for mankind. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation recently to focus on the importance of local manufacturing, local markets, and the local supply chain, to increase more job opportunities and to grow the economy. Make India proud with the concept of Vocal for Local.

We have to be very careful until the annihilation of this COVID 19 pandemic. We have been through this lockdown for so many months before, We do not know how long our life will be as easy as before? It may take some time for us to regain our former life, but that does not mean that we will give up.

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How does concept Vocal for Local help the economy?

[su_dropcap]V[/su_dropcap]ocal for Local is an initiative that aims to bring a ray of hope, localization, and sustainability while active in the ground-level business. A little effort by many fashion designers who believe that we can deliver things from house to house in our province and wherever we can, whether it is clothing, accessories, sustainable products, or anything else that people manufacture in our country and sell them. We have to practice buying local goods. Then the financial situation may get a little better, and it will boost our earnings. If we want to get out of the pandemic then livelihood will have to be increased first and start buying things from local markets, so that, the money generated. Small efforts may make us better human beings in this depression phase. Today the fight of novel coronavirus is being fought all over the nation.

I think we have to make our country more successful and as much as we can use our home ground handicraft products, we will continue to strengthen our country’s financial status. I really believe in the concept of Vocal for Local and #makeinindia. The small industries will survive through earning, and the people who work in them will be relieved of their hardship with this effort and their lives will be better. People’s economic conditions will improve.

Vocal for Local

All about MADE IN INDIA:

[su_dropcap]W[/su_dropcap]e have a great culture and a rich heritage. Indian craft and textiles have both traditions and modern silhouettes, with exquisite detailing and perfection. In 2020 everyone is now focusing on ethically sustainable products. Today designer wear has become the mass fashion in India. Meanwhile, a premium yet affordable technique is the following. The styling is about being more attentive to the customer, and their needs. This epidemic has taught us to be ordinary.

Fashion Designers support Vocal for Local:

Designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee was given a statement on his Instagram page announcing that he sent all his employees on indefinite leave, and they still will be receiving their salaries regardless of their ability to work from home. According to him:

 “Made in India” is no longer only about pride; it’s about promoting sustainable, equitable, scalable that will help the local business flourish and create more jobs on a grassroots level.

Mumbai-based designer, Anita Dongre announced the creation of a company fund of Rupees 1.5 Crores to help small vendors, self-employed artisans, and others who do not have medical insurance.

Fashion designer Tarun Tahiliani, one of his interviews, says:

“It is a creator’s job every once in a while to look inwards and remind themselves what they stand for.”

Fashion designer Rahul Mishra, in an interview with Cosmopolitan, says:

“During the lockdown, people are learning the importance of resources and must learn to use them more wisely. Local fashion in India comprises a variety of unique crafts and art forms that have been sustained through centuries by small communities of people.”

Delhi based designer Sandeep Khosla says:

“We must recover our losses, so that, we continue to flourish as designers”.

Neha Saini, Bhawna Sajdeh, owner of the level Kasbah, Himani Gupta, Meher Gupta from Amritsar, and many more designers all over the nation who also support the initiative of VOCAL FOR LOCALS.

Veteran actress Neena Gupta also supports the purpose of Vocal for Locals.

It’s time to be aware and support the movement, to fight back against the COVID19 pandemic. As a citizen of India, all of us should support localization and promote #makeinindia.

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