In the year 2020, we are going through COVID-19. This is the depression phase that we are facing now. None of us knows what might happen even the next minute – yet still, we go forward. But this is the reality that we have to survive together in this current situation. The impact we are seeing in every sector is quite disturbing. Only we can take prevention by maintaining social distance, safety, hygiene, and proper guidelines from WHO and the doctors. And yes! We have to fight against this Covid-19 pandemic with all safety measures. In this tough time, staying positive from the inside is necessary and our peace of mind is very important.

Fashion Pandemic 2020:

[su_dropcap]T[/su_dropcap]he situation teaches us to adjust to limited resources. What next for fashion? We have to stay strong and survive for existence. We have to understand the difference between living and surviving.

  • Living:

[su_dropcap]W[/su_dropcap]e ENJOY our life with modern facilities, amenities, and always try to maintain a hassle-free lifestyle. Our goal is to live life lavishly. Anything and everything for our choice and preference that we admire. In another way, the comfortable and luxurious life that we dream to live is called maximum living.

  • Surviving:

[su_dropcap]T[/su_dropcap]o better specifies “life of existing” or SUSTAINABLE LIVING. In these tough circumstances as we all are trying to adjust in our regular life to survive. Our daily needs are more important than our expensive lifestyle. We have to choose restricted options in life. In this crucial phase where basics are more prior than anything else, we are learning to adopt a simple lifestyle easily. This pandemic teaches us how to fight like a worrior in this worst scenario.

Shopping Mall

How is the Fashion Market affected?

  1. A lot of employees lost their jobs, which also resulted in their financial loss. In the situation of Covid-19, there are job disruptions in societies, business leading to low cash flow. The earnings of an individual and self-employed professional are getting affected. In some places, people are being cut off from there job without any prior notice.

  2. As the world battling an unusual crisis the Indian Fashion Industry has been suffering too. Innovation in this flat market can’t be easy. Fashion business has slowed down from the last few months. Due to low demand in the clothing line, fashionable products and expensive goods are low manufacturing worldwide.

  3. Craftsman – The artisans had to sit at home due to low production in the business. Many industries have closed down due to which the artisans suffered economic loss. In large industries, the artisans suffered little loss but the lower market was more affected than hi-end fashion houses.

  4. Some clothes are damaged due to moisture in our weather and closure of shopping malls for a long time. This can no longer be sold without heavy discounts. In the market people are in mood to buy apparel, expensive stuff, fashionable items. Only essential goods are on focus. Now people are more conscious about sustainable things.

  5. At the beginning of the year March 2020, the Fashion Designing Council of India  faced a huge loss. Due to the global health crisis. They canceled their ready-to-wear summer fashion show –  The 49th IHGF Delhi Trade Fair-Spring 2020 (handicraft and gifts fair), which was scheduled from 15 to 19 April 2020 has been canceled. A lot of summer garments exhibitions and shows were canceled all over India. The Aspiration spring spree fashion exhibition scheduled for 16th – 17th March 2020  in Jaipur was also canceled.

  6. The fashion and textile industry divided into the order –  large, medium, and small. The large industries like Aditya Birla fashion and Retail limited, Raymond Group, Future Group, Reliance Trends, Arvind limited having a large infrastructure from the huge production house to the man-management sectors are facing trouble in business. The low selling hit their profit graph. Even they are facing trouble due to low demand in the market for apparel and luxury products. They also suffered heavy losses as shopping malls are closed during the lockdown.

  7. The medium and small industry has faced the losses in this pandemic period. Due to a lack of money in the market, many small boutiques have started closing. The crises in demand are slowing down the community.

  8. Discrimination in some places with Designers and workers – The fashion industry in India is very scattered. Our country lags in many places compared to foreign countries. The artisans are trained to work but they are not paid properly. Some business people have open boutiques, who put some designers under their belt without proper credit. Whether they know anything about designing or not, they are doing unfair business. It’s always tough to find a genuine workplace where you can get good work satisfaction. Even in some places, designers are discriminated against. Their condition in this field has become worse due to this epidemic.


Humanity from designers:

[su_dropcap]D[/su_dropcap]uring so much loss, many great designers have come forward and stood up for the people. Their core team is raising money for helping work units, employees, artisans, workers, etc. FDCI President Sunil Sethi and their members have come forward and collected funds to benefit the design community and employees. FDIC is trying their level best to support the fraternity.

Positive vibes in the Fashion Industry during Covid-19:

  • There is little relief now the fashion industry is starting to open. The fashion business is starting slowly. The designers have started their ”reboot button” in business. I hope that we can get out of this situation with positive and strong thinking. People of the world will emerge from this virus, This will probably take some time. Those who are associated with this fashion world have started their work again.

  • Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) has started working with India’s first digital fashion show. Now the people understand that you can’t get rid of the corona virus instantly, but you have to go back to your professional fields, So it’s better to take safety measures. The multi-designer stores are opening with all safeguard and protection, shopping malls are also opening. The pandemic journey does not end yet, maybe we have to fight more for our existence. Meanwhile, we will never give up. The fashion industry will shine again with all it’s glamour and style.

[su_dropcap]I[/su_dropcap] am a fashion designer and during this lockdown, I have also faced a lot of problems. I hope that the fashion industry will once again return to its glitzy world. The entire human race that is battling this epidemic today will get rid of this situation as soon as possible.

Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the Fashion Industry:

Life is dismaying but we will see rays of hope soon. Positive thinking and supporting people is the best mantra of mankind. Hope we enhance our mood and discover a better way for self-love. Meanwhile, Self-care is essential to boost our energy, positive mind and healthy body to reduce the chances of infection. In this second wave of Covid-19, we have to be more conscious about our hygiene. Our duty is to spread awareness like wearing masks, proper sensitization, boosting immunity with proper diets. Avoid gathering and other safety measures as per law and regulations is mandatory now.

2nd Wave of Covid-19:

The pandemic teaches us how to survive in the worst situation, and balance a sustainable lifestyle. However, we are positive and hope the miserable situation will clear soon. The fashion industry has seen big losses in the last year. However, in the 2nd wave of Covid-19, the situation is more alarming but Humanity becomes more grounded. Nowadays, High-end fashion goods are lower in demand than sustainable buying. The market trend is focused on the minimum purchase. The Medium and small sector designers are doing well. But overall, fashionable products are low in demand.

Online Platform:

The people who are connected in this field are facing trouble. Right now the overall market and monetary position of the fashion business is a nightmare. Last year fashion designers conducted virtual fashion shows for clients and maintained a sustainable business. In the fashion market, we have seen lots of new strategies introduced by designers. Meanwhile, visual fashion shows, online merchandising, and doorstep shopping became popular. The online platform is a comfortable way that helps people to expand their business.

In 2021 people became more conscious to deal with this situation. Merchandising depends on the social platform which is continuing in the pandemic. We are surviving in this flat market and hope to recover ASAP!


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