Fashion Illustration with Washi Tape

Fashion Illustration with Washi Tape is quite interesting, I hope if you are not try yet, must go for it. I am a fashion designer and working in this field for many years. The most engaging part of designing is to create an illustration and convert that resemblance into the perfect outfit. However, there are different steps in the fashion world like illustration, fabric classification, pattern making, stitching, merchandising, etc. I mostly passionate to illustrate and produce designs. We can use different tools and mediums in fashion drawings. But sometimes to beat the boredom we can also illustrate unusually. I think there are no rules when you are making up your mind. A lot of designers create illustrations proportionately, but there are no hard n sole rules.

Uses of Washi Tape design:

Washi tape is a type of masking tape you can use for decorating your sketchbook, journals, artwork, handcraft projects, gift wrapping, craftworks, envelope styling, paper bag decor, etc. Washi tape became quite popular these days. We can use it for DIY projects in different fields. However, in fashion illustration, people are using it too. The thin and soft rice paper sticky from the lower side is available in different millimetre rolls. It’s easy to tear with your hand or a penknife. A lot of sparkling motifs, floral, geometric, vintage, Japanese motifs, and numerous types of patterns are available in washi tape. You can choose your pattern to add styling to your fashion illustration. In this video, I used washi tape to cover my gown illustration.

Fashion Illustration X Washi Tape:

We had used the normal method of illustrations in University, but nowadays a lot of new things are used in fashion drawing. The designer use glitters to add a little spark to their paper or try some Mandala art, etc. Here I have tried fashion illustration with washi tape. Meanwhile, I used masking tape and washi tapes to make crafts in my childhood but never thought that I would ever use them in my fashion sketchbook. Here I have used four different patterns of washi tapes. Trust me it’s really fun. I have covered this gown design with washi tape and shown its shading details with Staedtler pencils and markers. I just want to do something new in fashion illustration that’s why I am trying it.

You must take a glance at my fashion illustrations. My youtube channel is new and I always aim to share my experiences with everyone. I create several forms of art step-by-step. I strongly believe that creativity has no limits and practice makes execution easier. If you are a fashion enthusiast or a student check out my work. Every fashion designer work and illustrates differently. I try to depict my signature style of artwork. I hope you enjoy watching it. Friends! if you like my work then visit my YouTube channel subscribe, share and don’t forget to comment.

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