Five Best Festive Wear Lipstick Brands

Five best festive wear lipstick brands that you can’t ignore. This Durga puja, pamper your lip with these famous shades. Meanwhile, for a grand classy look choose your make-up kit and enhance it with your lipstick. Here selected the five best lip shades for all of you guys. I am a bong and eagerly waited over the year for this occasion. The five days of devotion, fun, and celebration complete our traditional values. The brands which I have chosen for your festive pick are pocket-friendly and tub of a share my experiences. This is not a paid promotion and I am not endorsing any brands from this list.

Sugar Cosmetics: Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick:

Sugar crayons are awesome if you don’t want to touch- them up every time! Just go for it. The bold and highly pigmented shades look vivid. This season try your lipstick that looks classy with your wardrobe. If you guys love to wear nude rose shades go for 18 Rosalind. However, if you’re a mauve person go for 07 Viola(Mauve Nude), those who love to dazzle bold must try 02 Mary Poppins; it’s a fuchsia shade or 23 Jessica Day (Dusty Coral).

The long-lasting cult-free lip crayon suits every lip. However, If you want to try nude shades just try to fix it with lip concealer and proper lip line. I am not a make-up person, but trust me I am using these long-stay crayons and am satisfied. Sugar Crayon or Sugar Matte Attack Trasperproof lipsticks both ranges are reasonable, try them for your divine look.

MAC Powder Kiss Velvet Blur Slim Stick: 

I think every girl has at least one MAC lipstick for sure! If you don’t have one, then try these new launch sticks. 12-hour on-trend stay, soft moisture-matte hydrates your lips. Full-coverage long-lasting powder kiss sticks designed for every skin type. This Durga puja if you want to look graceful try your shade with your fusion outfits. These 12 on-trend bold shades look, killer! Either, you try Mull It Over, Sheer Outrage, Hot Paprika, or Sweet Cinnamon every shade that shows your fashion sense. Try your hot pick this season for a festive look. I am using Shade: Sweet Cinnamon (NC42) It’s a velvety soft mix of pink-brick-brown tint. The price range pinches your pocket, but still, the MAC is worth it. If you have that budget, and you are a brand-conscious person then experience it.

MyGlamm Ultimate LongStay Matte Lipstick:

Hey style divas! If you want to wear lipstick just in a single stroke try MyGlamm. These 12 lip shades look elegant all day long. No feathering or bleeding perfectly formulated with solvents, highly pigmented. The creamy, rich color and lightweight texture give you a royal look. These sticks are smudges-proof and transfer-proof with no need for frequent touch-ups. These lipstick are vegan, paraben-free, and cruelty-free available in pinks, Burgundy, nude, browns, and red.  Its golden stick packaging looks classy. I am using shades: Showgirt which is soft pink and Foxy is a brown tone. On this occasion, if you don’t want to spend much, choose your lipsticks from MyGlamm matte shades. You get full coverage with a single swipe and your lips never feel dry.

Faces Canada No Transfer Matte Lipstick:

A non-bleeding formula that is perfect for your unique pout. For those who wish to wear liquid lipstick, try faces Canada liquid matte. It is a highly pigmented lipstick that has the best coverage for hours. One coat looks decently on your lips and there is no need for frequent touch-ups. Its pigments are like lip balm. These impressive lipstick are available in pinks, maroons, purples, reds, browns, and nudes. Anyway, there are 12 delicate shades you can pick yours. These transfer-proof liquid lipstick are enriched with moisturizing Chamomile oil that protects your lips from dryness. Enjoy your festive vibes with Faces Canada No Matte Liquid lip shades. If you want to try pocket-friendly buys, then grab it. 

Belora Paris Leave No Evidence Kiss Proof Lipsticks:

Pamper your lips with the natural goodness of Jojoba oil, Vitamin E, and Shea butter. Belora cosmetics introduced a huge range of lipstick that is deeply pigmented. There are 22 shades: red to browns, peaches to nude, choose your best one. I think all shades will look good for Indian skin tones. Enjoy your five-day celebration with full-on style. For a complete fab look try a lipstick that is smudge-proof, highly pigmented, and long-lasting. Try these full-coverage cruelty-free liquid lipstick this season. Let it bring out your inner diva this Durga puja. Belora lipsticks are available in a decent price range that doesn’t nip your pocket, so pick your color.

Here endeavors to focus on the five best festive wear lipstick brands. I think it’s fair enough when you try the product that you are reviewing. Here I have tried to choose the best pocket-friendly and vegan brands. We love to look gorgeous no matter which looks we are in! Either no make-up looks or HD look everything is fair enough at our festivals. I hope you guys find this article helpful. Wishing you happy Durga Puja in advance from bong diva.

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