How to start Fashion Designing as a Career Plan for a Job or Business?


Fashion designing is a great career plan for next-gen startups. After studying fashion design and passing out, many of us do not understand what will be the career option. Business or a job. I also had this kind of question, at first, I did not understand what I should do. Later I decided to go for a job instead of a business. I thought having good company would enhance my experience and I would learn a lot.

[su_highlight]Practical Experience:[/su_highlight]

Practical education is more important than reading texts, so it is better to do business after learning practical applications. A logical experience like designing details to market strategy, handling pattern making for tailoring units, embroidery to stitching, or production to merchandising is needed for valuable work.

[su_highlight]Find your Niche in Fashion Designing:[/su_highlight]

When you choose the job of designing, you need to think about what you specialize in, maybe textile design, clothing, accessories, handicrafts, shoe designing, etc. Always find your niche in any creative field.
When we work under a good designer Couture or a recognized brand, we can gain a lot of experience from them. Knowledge of realistic education is always necessary for any creative zone.

[su_highlight]How to choose a Job in Fashion Designing?[/su_highlight]

One thing we need to keep in mind before choosing a job of which section we are skilled in, like Menswear, Kidswear, Womenswear, Plus size designing, shoe designing, accessory design, or Home Decor. The work should be done from your heart, so discover the right place for your satisfaction. Before an interview, make a good profile on a Social Media Platform and upload your Biodata to well-known career sites, it will help you to find a job that suits your intellect. Brief research must be done before inclusion. It is an open space for all, but in this highly competitive market, it is really difficult to get a favorable job where you can work openly without any hindrance.

If you want to learn and gain recognition, you have to work in a better place with a good Fashion designer, It is better not to work in small boutiques because they will pay you less and on the contrary will not introduce you as an innovator. I have gone through such situations before, it feels bad. However, everything is an experience of our lives that we cannot learn without making mistakes.
So friends! Be aware of your employers with all your inquiries before commitment. You must take the appointment letter before you start work and must read all the documents carefully.

[su_highlight]How to Start a Fashion Startup Business?[/su_highlight]

The Fashion Designing startup is flourishing these days. Those who are ready to start a business first need to find their niche. In the application field people have to choose special criteria from womenswear, kidswear, or menswear, these criteria have sub-categories like ethnic clothing, western clothing, indo-western wear. We need to know our activity at work so, we should move forward to keeping the business in mind.

I like to do indo-western designing in Womenswear, and I am immersed in the work that attracts me the most. Every designer has one goal in the end: how to make their client more glamorous through their wardrobe collection and earn good profit by designing. Here I mentioned some points that will help comprehend how to start a fresh startup.

[su_button radius=”20″]1. Capital Investment:[/su_button]

The first step is how much capital we are investing in to start a business. The fund structure that we are financing is enough for our mode of business. Harmony between manufacturing, selling to ROI (return on investment) is an essential part of the business.
When we invest capital in a business we want a decent return from it, we need a clean business structure with proper papers, trade licenses, export documents, and work-related journals, etc. For a smooth-running Fashion Designing business, we can start a small startup from home, or if there are enough funds we can rent or buy an office to start work.

[su_button radius=”20″]2. Designing Ideas:[/su_button]

Cloth Design Creation

The design should be creative and unique. If your designs are similar and monotonous then they will not work in the market. We need to determine what kind of clothing design we are expecting, including detailed analysis to know our market needs. The color pallets are dependent on aim, and we dress according to the seasons.

Everyone knows the designing season is divided into Spring, Summer, Monsoon, Autumn, Winter. The market trend-based on the seasons. Meanwhile, we should follow the market tendency. Some designs are for the short term and some dresses which run throughout the year, we have to understand the appeal and choose what type of stuff we are making for our clients.

[su_button radius=”20″]3. Fabrics and raw materials:[/su_button]

The fabrics and raw materials are needed to make good stuff. From the market survey, we can get good raw material locally at a low cost. We have a number of specialized raw material reserves in our country where varieties of raw substances are available at a low cost. Now it is very convenient to buy clothes or raw materials online whether it is abroad or in the country. We just need to find a place where we can buy material at a satisfactory price.

[su_button]4. Artisans and infrastructure:[/su_button]

The type of clothing we want to make requires good infrastructure. Trained staff, master, tailor, and a skilled craftsman to hire. Many types of workmanship will be found in India. Artisans are different in every subject from printing to embroidery, machine needlework to hand detailing so keep in mind you have to choose a proper artisan for your unit.

[su_button]5. Brand establishment:[/su_button]

Branding your products is always necessary for any type of business. It shows the authenticity of your creation. For a good presentable work create your authorized logo and establish your label from the beginning. This will increase your business identity.

[su_button]6. Choose your target customer:[/su_button]

We need to know which class we are making clothes for if we can work for a little less profit, then the demand for our garments will increase in an optimistic market. To survive in this high competition, we have to work with proper planning. Proper costing of your products is needed in fair business. The first target is customer satisfaction and that will not affect your ROI (profit) too.

[su_button]7. Trading business:[/su_button]

There is another technique of business where clothes can be bought from a manufacturer’s house and sell them at a higher profit. Such traders have no hassle to make design efforts. The traders do not need tailor, labor, artisans, and manufacturing Units. That is why the risk is less in this type of business. The trading business based on market assumption. You can buy designing stuff from the worldwide market and sell them with a good profit. As an example, most of the Saree trade in India is done in this way.

[su_button]8. How to publicity your creation?[/su_button]

Encourage people to buy their designs. After making clothes many of us do not understand where to sell them at a profitable price. There are many platforms in the world to sell your wardrobe. People should promote their creations through newspapers, magazines, and fashion shows.
The Bloom strategy in today’s life is social media. Publicity your stuff through Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram. Another way of promoting your goods through local displays, exhibitions, and fashion shows.

[su_button]9. Packaging:[/su_button]

The packaging is a process of wrapping, folding, compressing products. Fashionable goods require proper ironing, and packaging to grab your customer’s attention. A lot of handmade decorative bags are available in the market. Choose eco-friendly carrier bags for product delivery. It shows your business status.

[su_button]10. How to sell goods?[/su_button]

You can ship your goods to nearby areas in the local market with all details of your products. The other option of selling goods is to approach the seller nationwide. Try to sell your products on online sites. If you want to expand your business worldwide then apply for an export license and other paperwork so you can fix your business deals overseas. To boost your business make a good raptor with your clients. This is the new edge of business transformation.

[su_button]11. Selling online:[/su_button]

Today we are all bound through social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Youtube, Linked-in, therefore, life has become easier. These days social media platforms are booming worldwide, we can create a business chain and connect with people within a second. It is easy to showcase stuff and sell them by sending them anywhere in the country and abroad. While selling goods increase your business network and collects the email ID of your clients it will help you to build goodwill in the market.
Sell your products through online shopping sites like Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, Jabong, etc. The focus should be mandatory in the business graph.

So! Friends follow the market trend and keep updated on your creativity in Fashion Designing. Inspiration is good for running a stable business but when you are not copying others. You can establish your signature only when you create a new and original design.

“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.” – Henry David Thoreau

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