Floral Splendid Blue Gown

Channel your glamorous side in a floral splendid blue gown. Detailed embellished fashion illustration layout that is perfect for evening soirées. Try to create this realistic floral printed gown in your design book. How to create your imagination and execution parallel? If you have printed swatches then it’s easy to create. However, if you have something in your mind firstly, paint it as a swatch then execute your design. Therefore, it will be easier to make what you think.

A challenge for every fashion designer is how to express their ideas. You have to understand every little detail of your attire. I have taken care of everything in this fashion illustration from colouring to highlighting-folds. Floral splendid blue gown illustration, you will be able to see the perfect combination of plane and print prints fabric.

Illustration Details- Floral Splendid Blue Gown:

First I did skin color in this croquis so that I can start with the gown part of it.  Floral Splendid Blue Gown, where colorful floral prints amalgamate.  On the other hand,

I have painted with different types of blue to create this sheer fabric look. The composition of the vivid and floral patterns enhances its grace. I try to justify the whole look of the gown such as pleats, fall, shading, highlighting, etc. If anyone wants to recreate this drawing then you can watch my youtube video. Here I am mentioning tools & mediums I used. Please support my YouTube channel and subscribe for new drawings and illustration videos.

Tools & Medium:

For Illustration:

✏️0.5 Tech Pencil


Staedtler Watercolor Pencils

Gown Design:



Titanium White

Crimson Red

Prussian Blue

Cobalt Blue


Color Gel Pens

Chisel water color marker (Black, Blue)

Staedtler watercolor pencil

Black 0.3mm Microtech Pen

White Gel Pen

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