Red Anarkali: From Illustration to Diwali Wardrobe

Fashion Illustration is something that every fashion student has to study. The Red Anarkali: From illustration to Diwali wardrobe is easy to wear as an occasion ready. The visual form of art is mainly used by fashion designers to confer their ideas on paper or digitally. Fashion illustration is more focused on the figure wearing the clothes, instead of clothes detailing. Meanwhile, from haute couture to the ramp, catalogue to off the shelf fashion sketches are required. Fashion designer’s use mediums such as watercolor, inks, color pencils, markers, pastel to convey the details of the outfits. We can create illustrations digitally by using software like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Procreate, etc. In an aspect, we create what we imagine and what we want to develop.

Designed by bongdiva Sharmistha Chatterjee

About The Design:

An amalgamation of modern silhouettes and rich artisanal complimenting this ensemble with traditional touch. However, the festive season is around the corner, celebrate your Diwali with an ethnic wardrobe to dazzle. One of the biggest festivals of Indian culture where the victory of good is glorified. Flaunt your unmatched grace in an awe-inspiring outfit Red Anarkali: From illustration to Diwali wardrobe ready. The red Anarkali, drape and cape design is a combination of modern minimalism & Indian richness. Using all pure georgette, chiffon and organza with placing several kinds of handcrafted embroidery together. I have created this handcrafted ethnic design with lots of multi-thread, pearl, silver and golden intricate embroidery.

Anarkali designed by bongdiva Sharmistha Chatterjee

The Illustration Details:

I have had this outfit design in my imagination for a long time back and sold more than 100 pieces. When I started the illustration, I was more clear to understand what I exactly wished. I am recreating this illustration as a fashion drawing for my YouTube channel. I had already completed skin and hair coloring. Therefore, In my youTube tutorial, I started with the Anarkali painting. In this tutorial, I am showing the step-by-step process of sketching. DIY illustrations help beginners to perform well, so guys if you are a fashion design student try your imagination. I hope you all enjoy my Anarkali design while watching. If anyone is interested in customising this outfit for their Diwali wardrobe feel free to DM. I take custom orders of my designs. Tools & Medium are given below. Email:

Tools & Medium For The Illustration:

For Illustration:

📝 0.5 Tech Pencil


0.3mm Black Micro-Tech Pen

Staedtler Watercolor Pencils

For Gown Design:

🎨 Watercolor-

Crimson Red

Scarlet Red

Burnt Sienna


Staedtler watercolor pencils

Chisel watercolor marker (Red)

Black Microtech Pen

White Gel Pen

Yellow 0.3mm Micro-Tech Pen


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